Obstacle Racing - Spartan!

Obstacle course racing (OCR) is a sport in which a competitor, traveling on foot, must overcome various physical challenges in the form of obstacles. Mud and trail runs are combined with various climbing, crawling, scaling obstacles to test your endurance, strength, stamina, agility, etc.

 Some of the top races:

There are also a number of 5km entry level OCRs becoming more popular in and around Saskatoon, such as: Color Me Rad, Dirty Donkey, Foam Run, etc.

Our Spartan Team: Maximus Animosus

The plan for 2024...

"Spartan Trifecta":  complete all 3 race distances in the same calendar year

Please contact me if you would like more information or to join our team.

Spartan Training Camp runs in conjunction with my outdoor bootcamps.

Check out my Facebook Page for many more photos of the races.

Calgary 2012 had some good mud...

Calgary 2013 wasn't as muddy, but harder...

Calgary 2014 was muddy, hilly, challenging, and AWESOME...

Calgary 2015 was the muddiest (rain!) and toughest one to date...

Calgary 2016 was the longest, hardest race to date. They took it up a few notches!  And, we had our largest group to date...

In addition to more challenging obstacles, Calgary 2017 went from 5km to 6.75km.  We also got team shirts this year!

Calgary 2018 was an awesome 8km event with an awesome group of people...

Calgary 2019 was a little shorter (only 5.3km) and not as extreme with hills.  However the obstacles were challenging and, of course, our group is amazing!

Red Deer 2021 first races since "Covid".   More races:  Sprint (6km), Super (11km), and Beast (21km).  It was an awesome venue, small but awesome group, a wonderful weekend!

Red Deer 2022 Spartan Super (10k) and Sprint(5k). Another great weekend!

Kelowna (Big White) 2022 Spartan Beast (21k)!  Now that was tough!  


Red Deer 2023 Spartan Super (10k) and Sprint(5k). Some kinda fun!!!

The 2023 Mountie Maker in Regina.  First year for this OCR.  It was different than Spartan but also similar.  And yes, it was some kinda fun!

 If you're interested in the races, training camps, or personal training, drop me a quick note: trainer@robfriedt.com  -or- text/call 306-230-0718