Are you ready for change?

Research has shown that self-change is a staged process. We move from not thinking about changing a behavior, to thinking about it, to planning to change, and then testing out ways to do it before we actually start. A number of techniques can help you move from not thinking, to planning, to doing, and to continue doing.

When we think about changing a behavior, questions we ask ourselves are:

    • Why do I want to change the behavior (the pros)?
    • Why shouldn’t I try to change this behavior (the cons)?
    • What would it take for me to overcome my cons and change the behavior (what’s my strategy)?

To move forward, we need to have our pros outweigh our cons and develop realistic strategies to overcome our cons.

Behavior scientists recognize 5 stages of readiness to change behavior:

    • Precontemplation: I won’t or I can’t in the next 6 months
    • Contemplation: I may in the next 6 months
    • Preparation: I will in the next month
    • Action: I’m doing it now
    • Maintenance: I’ve been doing it for at least 6 months

Rob Friedt Personal Fitness wants to help you determine how ready you are to change a behavior, to help you make that change. Rob can discuss your answers with you, and make suggestions to help you move through the stages of change and reach your goals. To help you understand your stage of readiness, complete the short quiz below.

1. The goal or behavior I want to work on first is:

2. My reasons for wanting to accomplish this goal (same as change this behavior) are:

3. The obstacles standing in the way of my changing this behavior are:

4. My strategies to overcome this behavior in the last week are:

5. My goal for next week with respect to this behavior is:

6. My readiness to change this behavior is:

I won’t do it

I can’t do it

I may do it

I will do it

I am doing it

I am still doing it!

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