The following comments are from some of my clients / participants:

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"Me do a Spartan Race?!  Obstacles? LOL Never.  Well, famous last words.  I never thought I would ever be fit or strong enough to do such an intense race.  Climbing over walls, running hills, crawling through mud are not things I thought I could do (or wanted to!).  But with Rob’s expertise I have built up my endurance, increased my strength, and am in the best shape of my life.  Rob’s motivational and challenging classes are always full of a variety of exercises, with and without equipment, and a high level of contagious energy that keeps me going.  There is a positive class atmosphere and always a bit of humor & fun.  I love the outdoor classes - there’s nothing like working out in the fresh air.  Whatever your goal, you WILL reach it with Rob’s training.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.  See you at training - I just signed up for my 3rd Spartan Race!"

- Brenda McIntyre

"I’ve participated in Rob’s bootcamps since 2014, and I am hooked!  Rob is incredibly knowledgeable as well as lots of fun, and there is a lot of variety class to class so it is never boring.  Each class challenges me, and I am so much stronger physically as well as mentally compared to when I started.   I strongly recommend his bootcamp and Spartan camp classes.  Make this investment in yourself – you are worth it!"

- Vanessa Schneider, 43 years old, Financial Analyst/Spartan

  "I initially joined Rob’s boot-camp classes the spring of 2014, as he was offering a noon hour boot-camp by my office.  I knew after my first class I was hooked and would continue to train with him for years to come.  Since then I have taken many other classes such as TRX, and Spartan.  What I love most about Rob’s classes is knowing that every class is going to be different.  He brings his expertise and so much positive energy to his classes, and is always very encouraging to each and every one of his clients.  This past year I took my training a step further and ran my first Spartan race with Rob’s team – Maximus Animosus.  This was challenging but very rewarding, and I’m looking forward to doing many more races.  Not only has my strength and endurance  improved but also I’ve gained so much determination and self-confidence.  Thank you Rob, you are THE best!  I highly recommend him to anyone!"

- Melissa Carlson

 “I had a great experience with Rob! His program was specialized for my own needs. In particular, his personal training has been instrumental in me regaining my strength, balance and confidence after my hip replacement surgery. Rob pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. What a rewarding experience!! Thanks again Rob!”

- James Morrison

“I initially joined Rob’s bootcamp to shape up for a special occasion and was so satisfied with his method and my results that I have continued to train with him year after year. Bootcamp quickly became a huge part of my fitness routine, usually attending classes four times per week. I recently took it one step farther by eagerly joining his Spartan training camps and running my first ever Spartan Race in August 2012! It was a blast and I will definitely continue to enter these types of races with Rob’s team - Maximus Animosus!! Rob brings a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, humour and expertise to his workouts and I highly recommend him to anyone ready to get into shape and/or push their boundaries by entering a Spartan Race!”

- Kathy Hay

“I have belonged to a few gyms in my life although none of them were as much fun or as dedicated to making me healthier and stronger as the Spartan training course I undertook with Rob. Rob is very personable, knowledgeable and enjoyable to workout with. There was great variety in the workouts and plenty of fun and energy, especially from Rob.  I lost about 14 pounds during the course of the Spring and Summer programs and I've been more motivated to get into great shape than I have been in a long time. I want to thank Rob for helping me exceed my goals, improve my fitness and change my life for the better!”

 - Damian Rogers

“I met Rob in a community muscle sculpt class in January 2012. This class was fast paced with high energy. I was definitely out of my comfort zone and everything was new to me. I was introduced to TRX which I loved. After that class I signed up for the Spring Boot Camp outside in April 2012. Again I was out of my comfort zone exercising with people younger than me, including two of my own daughters.

I really enjoyed Rob's Boot Camp. I competed with only myself and Rob was always happy, patient and very encouraging. I really enjoyed that no two classes were the same and we were always using different equipment that Rob provided.

I continued on to Summer Boot Camp and then Fall Boot Camp. Boot Camp helped me maintain my Weight Watcher's goal weight and obtain my highest fitness level ever. Rob's Boot Camp helped me cope with my intense work stress and my insanely busy life as a wife and mother to four teenagers.

Thank you Rob for helping me obtain my own health and fitness goals. You are an amazing group trainer with knowledge and skill to motivate the "mature" almost 50 year old like me."

 - Alice H.

“I’m a long time soccer player and avid jogger, however I have never been able to do a real pushup due to my weak wrists, arms, shoulders and chest. I took Rob’s 2011 fall bootcamp and was so impressed that I also signed up for a few of his winter classes at the community associations, throwing in an occasional personal training session during the breaks between classes. I’m currently enrolled in his spring bootcamp and I’m now buff enough to hammer out a handful of real pushups. It’s a miracle! My summer session bootcamp goal is to do 20 continuous real pushups.

 PS. Six pack abs are a sweet bonus on top of the increased upper body strength and toning that I was hoping for. Rob's total body workouts will help you achieve whatever results you are looking for and then some!”

 - Angie Rea

"I started with Rob’s boot camps in the spring of 2011. It is definitely a full-body workout and always starts my day feeling great. Using all sorts of different equipment means the workouts are never the same. It doesn't matter at what fitness level you are, as Rob is very knowledgeable in adapting exercises. He is also motivating and encourages us to push our bodies to the limits – though is careful to ensure this is done with proper form in a safe manner. Somehow, he is able to make us laugh as he makes us sweat! My strength has greatly improved and I dare say I’ve noticed a difference in muscle tone. Now if I could just beat him in the dirty dozen!"

 - Carmen Bell

 “Rob is very professional, organized and knowledgeable. He trained me one-on-one prior to my destination wedding and the results were beyond what I was expecting! His boot camps are a great way to get in shape if you prefer to train with a group. I highly recommend Rob.”

 - Natasha Thomas

“I started going to Rob Friedt's Boot Camps in spring of this year after I was invited by a friend to join one of his sessions. I had gone to the gym regularly on my own for a few years but was bored of my same routine and was finding that I had some what plateaued in my exercises. I had never been to a "boot camp" before or any kind of gym class for that matter so needless to say I was a little nervous going my first time. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels there and immediately felt comfortable joining in. I am not always the most coordinated person but Rob was/is quick to help me out and give me corrections to do the exercises properly without making me feel embarrassed. I have been going ever since!

 I have attended the spring and summer session this year and am VERY happy with the results I have been getting so far. I have been getting noticeably stronger as the weeks progress and find that I push myself a lot harder being in a group setting. Rob is always enthusiastic, upbeat and is a great motivator to keep you going even when you feel like you can't go any further!

 I would highly recommend this boot camp to anyone; no matter their fitness level as it is a great way to get in shape and have fun doing it!”

 - Pam Smith

“The Saskatoon Football Officials Association booked Rob for a pre-season boot camp and it was outstanding. Rob created a program that worked the muscle groups we rely on during games and helped with the cardio needs. Plus it was a great team builder. Getting the guys working out together in the park, having some laughs and pushing each other was fun. Rob keeps it fun and upbeat. Thanks to him we'll be throwin' those flags extra high!”

 - Steve Chisholm

 “Rob's bootcamp is a great summer fitness program. In addition to the wonderful things about bootcamps in general (being outside, working out during the summer) there are many things which make Rob's bootcamp so unique and awesome. The workouts are varied, you definitely don't get bored. He has great equipment including TRX (which is sweet!) and kettlebells. Rob is also a great motivator and keeps the mood light and cheerful. He always has a smile on his face which makes working hard easier. I am in much better shape throughout my whole body ‘cause the workouts are very well rounded. The flexibility in days is also great to fit with my schedule. I'd recommend Rob's bootcamp for anyone looking for an intense yet fun workout.”

 - Danielle

“I registered for Rob's spring and summer bootcamps because I felt I was in a bit of a "workout - rut" and wanted to try something different. I was instantly impressed by the sessions Rob had prepared. All of the sessions were different and exciting; either we would use the TRX, kettlebells, resistance-bands or medicine balls. Rob's outgoing and friendly manner, coupled with his extensive background knowledge, makes an excellent personal trainer for anybody looking to see results.”

 - Bailey

“The bootcamp was great... It was energetic and entertaining which made it fun even though I was working hard. It was easily adaptable for all levels of fitness so I never felt like it was too easy or hard. I felt inspired to try my hardest at each session and when the class was over I always looked forward to what we would be doing at the next class. I have been able to take away a lot of exercises and routines that I can do on my own to continue working on my body's strength and endurance.

 Thanks Rob”

 - Tracy

“Rob was extremely accommodating in our request to have a bootcamp at our workplace. He was flexible on the days and times. He also somehow managed to make it fun all the while taking our exercise routines to the next level. We hope he will continue to work with us on future bootcamps.”

 - Leanne Crone

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